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Npm Zendesk Libraries

Most Popular Npm Zendesk Libraries

NameSizeLicenseAgeLast Published
node-zendesk40.35 kBMIT11 Years13 Sep 2023
@zendeskgarden/container-utilities7.68 kBApache-2.04 Years24 Aug 2023
passport-zendesk5.06 kBApache 2.09 Years8 May 2014
react-zendesk5.3 kBMIT4 Years13 Aug 2021
@zendeskgarden/container-selection7.79 kBApache-2.04 Years24 Aug 2023
hubot-zendesk-enhanced7.14 kBMIT6 Years26 Feb 2020
docpub5.54 MBMIT6 Years27 Mar 2017
@zendeskgarden/react-buttons13.86 kBApache-2.05 Years8 Sep 2023
@zendeskgarden/css-variables4.99 kBApache-2.05 Years21 Jun 2023
react-native-zendesk-support25.02 MBMIT6 Years2 Jan 2018
@zendeskgarden/react-theming16.71 kBApache-2.05 Years8 Sep 2023
@zendeskgarden/react-tables13.34 kBApache-2.05 Years8 Sep 2023
@zendeskgarden/svg-icons226.17 kBApache-2.05 Years13 Jun 2022
@zendeskgarden/react-tags8.55 kBApache-2.05 Years8 Sep 2023
@zendeskgarden/react-tooltips10.3 kBApache-2.05 Years8 Sep 2023

When are Zendesk Libraries Useful?

Zendesk libraries are incredibly useful when beginning the development of application, specifically projects needing to offer customer service or support functionality. Zendesk libraries can be invaluable by saving time and resources as they provide pre-built functionality for managing customer information, supporting customer interactions, tracking issues, and much more. In situations where you need to build an integrated customer experience, these pre-built libraries can accelerate development and reduce coding errors.

Additionally, if you're working on a project that relies on the Zendesk API, these libraries handle the intricacy of API calls, handling responses, and ensuring data is accurately populated and represented in your application.

With npm, integration of Zendesk libraries is hassle-free. You can easily install them in your project, and manage your software dependencies using npm install commands.

What Functionalities do Zendesk Libraries Usually Have?

Zendesk Libraries cover a broad range of functionalities that deal with customer interactions and service management. Standard functionalities you would find include:

  • Customer Support Ticketing: Allows you to manage, track and respond to customer queries and issues.
  • Customer Engagement tools: Tools that allow businesses to engage with customers across various channels like chat, email, social media, phone etc.
  • Knowledge Base Management: Management of a knowledge-base for self-service portals.
  • Community Forums: Functionality to manage community sites where customers can interact and help each other.
  • Customer Feedback: Allows businesses to collect, track and analyze customer feedback.

With npm, JavaScript developers can harness these functionalities in a seamless manner. The integration and usage of Zendesk libraries are generally straightforward with JavaScript, and npm makes management of software dependencies a breeze.

Gotchas/Pitfalls to Look out For

When adopting Zendesk libraries, here are a few potential pitfalls to watch out for:

  • API Calls Limitation: The Zendesk API has a rate limit. If you make too many requests in a short span, you may face temporary throttling. Design your application to handle these limitations.

  • Library Updates: Like any other dependencies, Zendesk libraries are updated periodically. Always keep an eye on these updates and test them thoroughly before integrating them into your production environment.

  • Cross-Platform Issues: Coding style, structure, and minor discrepancies may differ across different platforms or languages. The JavaScript Zendesk libraries may operate differently than their counterparts in different languages.

  • Data Security: When using customer service libraries, always be cautious to not expose sensitive customer data. Be aware of what data you are sending out to the API and also what data is being stored within your application.

In npm, ensure that you use the npm audit command to regularly check for any vulnerabilities in your application dependencies. This helps maintain the safety and security of your software project.