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Npm Social Login Libraries

Most Popular Npm Social Login Libraries

NameSizeLicenseAgeLast Published
angular5-social-login6.11 kBMIT6 Years5 Dec 2017
@abacritt/angularx-social-login69.69 kBMIT1 Years8 May 2023
parse-oauth2-sns27.4 kBApache-2.06 Years31 Oct 2018
social-media-login2.88 kBMIT7 Years10 Dec 2017
@byteowls/capacitor-oauth238.7 kBMIT5 Years3 Sep 2023
@past3lle/web3-modal294.46 kBMITLess than one year8 Sep 2023
angular-6-social-login6.3 kBMIT5 Years28 May 2018
ng-social-login-module86.23 kBMIT5 Years25 Sep 2018
@pforte/constants13.34 kBAGPL-3.0-or-later1 Years13 Jul 2022
angular-6-social-login-temp837.42 kBMIT5 Years1 Jun 2018
angular-6-social-login-v27.2 kBMIT5 Years20 Jun 2018
nest-social-auth3.25 kBMIT2 Years5 Mar 2023
ngx-social-login59.89 kBUNKNOWN5 Years25 Jul 2018
node-socialite21.23 kBMIT2 Years5 Sep 2023
angular-6-social-login-with-first-name-last-name7.63 kBMIT5 Years9 Sep 2018

When Are Social Login Libraries Useful

In web development, social login libraries play a critical role when simplifying the user authentication process. If a service requires user identification, implementing multiple separate authentication systems can be painstaking and time-consuming. On the other hand, social login features allow this process to be streamlined where you can lean on the established systems like Google, Facebook, or Twitter to authenticate your users.

The importance of social login libraries is further magnified when considering the perspective of the user. Many users appreciate the integration of social login because it eliminates the need to create a separate username and password for each platform they use. Instead, they can use their existing social network credentials, thereby reducing login fatigue.

The npm ecosystem offers a vast array of social login libraries providing quick and secure access to the authentication systems of the most popular social networks.

What functionalities do Social Login Libraries usually have

The functionalities provided by social login libraries typically align with the features of the social network they interface with. These functionalities are crucial in generating seamless and secure user experiences when authenticating with social networks. Below is a list of the common features that most of these libraries possess in the npm package ecosystem:

  1. Ease of Use: These libraries offer intuitive interfaces, which drastically reduce time-to-implementation and simplify the authentication process.
  2. Security: As these libraries interface with renowned social networks' authentication systems, they implicitly provide security features like encryption and token management.
  3. Profile details retrieval: Once authenticated, these libraries often give the ability to fetch user details. These details can range from basic profile data (like name, email) to more complex data like friends lists, interests based on the permissions given.
  4. Cross-platform support: Most libraries are designed to work across different platforms and browsers enhancing their compatibility.

Gotchas/Pitfalls to Look Out for

As effective as social login systems can be, there are a few pitfalls and 'gotchas' to look out for while using social login libraries from the npm ecosystem:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Some users might be hesitant to share their social network data. There may also be legal considerations depending on the jurisdiction and the type of data being accessed.
  2. Dependence on External Services: In case a social network faces downtime or decides to change their APIs, this could potentially break your application's login functionality.
  3. Version Control: APIs change and evolve over time. Updates to social network APIs may require corresponding updates to your social login libraries to maintain compatibility.
  4. Package Maintenance: Not all social login libraries are actively maintained. Always check the library's last update and issue backlog to ensure it's well supported.
  5. Security: Despite the inherent security provided by these libraries, vulnerabilities can still arise. Be aware of the necessary precautions and best practices for utilizing OAuth tokens and managing session data.