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Npm SAML Libraries

Most Popular Npm SAML Libraries

NameSizeLicenseAgeLast Published
saml2-js70.02 kBApache-2.09 Years10 May 2023
node-sp-auth21.71 kBUNKNOWN7 Years19 Aug 2022
saml25.03 kBMIT11 Years30 Aug 2022
@node-saml/node-saml59.92 kBMIT1 Years19 Aug 2023
cas-authentication5.67 kBMIT8 Years9 Nov 2015
@node-saml/passport-saml17.67 kBMIT1 Years30 May 2023
saml-idp1.37 MBMIT7 Years2 Jun 2020
node-hdb-pool24.54 kBMIT7 Years18 Nov 2019
samlp68.45 kBmit10 Years24 Jul 2023
passport-saml24.45 kBBSD10 Years26 Nov 2013
passport-uwshib8.44 kBMIT9 Years14 Oct 2016
@socialtables/saml-protocol42.58 kBApache-2.07 Years16 Aug 2022
passport-saml-encrypted8.18 kBBSD-2-Clause9 Years20 Jan 2023
passport-saml-logout57.94 kBMIT8 Years3 Jul 2015
okta-for-static-site7.35 kBMIT7 Years27 Dec 2017

When are SAML Libraries Useful

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) libraries are incredibly useful when you are developing web applications that require some method of authentication. More specifically, they are most beneficial when you are looking to provide or require single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

SAML is a standard protocol designed specifically for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and a service provider. This is the crux of the functionality provided by SAML libraries.

In terms of software dependencies, JavaScript web applications which need to interoperate with SAML-based systems will find SAML libraries invaluable. For example, you might be writing a JavaScript application that needs to authenticate users against an external SSO service that uses SAML. In this scenario, an npm package that provides SAML functionality would be an essential dependency.

What Functionalities do SAML Libraries Usually Have

SAML libraries, in general, provide functionalities crucial to the implementation of single sign-on and single logout processes. This revolves around the creation, parsing, and validation of SAML requests and responses. Here's a broad overview of functionalities typically provided:

  • SAML Assertion Creation: The library helps in creating SAML assertions which are XML documents containing user data.

  • SAML Assertion Parsing: After receiving SAML assertions, the library parses them to extract the user data.

  • SAML Assertion Validation: The library ensures the incoming SAML assertion is valid, checking elements like its digital signature.

  • SAML Request and Response Handling: Functions for creating and handling authentication requests and logout requests are usually included. Correspondingly, capabilities to handle and interpret SAML responses are also provided.

  • SAML Bindings Support: Many libraries support a variety of SAML protocols, including but not limited to HTTP-POST, HTTP-Redirect, and HTTP-Artifact.

Gotchas/Pitfalls to Look Out For

While leveraging SAML libraries, developers need to be wary of several potential pitfalls:

  • Security Concerns: SAML, being an authentication protocol, needs to be handled with utmost care around security. Implementations should always validate incoming assertions to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.

  • Error Handling: SAML libraries can sometimes obscurely handle errors, making them hard to debug. It's essential to have thorough logging and error handling methods in place.

  • Understanding SAML: SAML is a complex protocol. Without a good understanding of how it works, it's easy to misuse the library functions or misinterpret the data being passed around. Not all libraries are well documented, so developers need a strong foundational knowledge of SAML to avoid missteps.

  • Dependency Updates: In the context of npm packages, it’s important to keep track of updates to the SAML library dependencies. Regular updates are crucial for security patches and can also provide more features and improved functionality.

  • Compatibility with Different SAML Versions: SAML protocols have different versions (1.1, 2.0), and the library being used must be compatible with the version specified by the service provider. This checking is often overlooked, resulting in integration issues.