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Npm PayPal Libraries

Most Popular Npm PayPal Libraries

NameSizeLicenseAgeLast Published
paypal-rest-sdk23.21 kBSEE LICENSE IN https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-node-SDK/blob/master/LICENSE10 Years4 Dec 2017
badges34.19 kBArtistic-2.010 Years24 Mar 2023
paypal-ipn3.17 kBUNKNOWN12 Years19 Nov 2014
@paypal/react-paypal-js50 kBApache-2.03 Years16 Aug 2023
@paypal/paypal-js36.3 kBApache-2.03 Years26 Aug 2023
react-paypal-express-checkout39.66 kBMIT6 Years26 Sep 2018
paypal-adaptive4.52 kBUNKNOWN10 Years15 Sep 2014
com.paypal.cordova.mobilesdk25.09 MBBSD License, see LICENSE.md for details8 Years21 Apr 2017
mollie-es617.44 kBGPL-3.07 Years30 Oct 2017
node-payments39.8 kBUNKNOWN10 Years24 May 2016
paypal-recurring11.15 kBMIT10 Years17 Feb 2013
merchants5.3 kBMIT6 Years12 May 2017
paypal-pay7.61 kBMIT9 Years7 Apr 2014
pp-ipn4.6 kBMIT8 Years15 Jun 2019
paypal-ec5.11 kBMIT11 Years19 Jun 2015

When are PayPal Libraries Useful?

PayPal libraries come in handy when you are developing an application or website that requires online transactions or payments. The libraries provide a ground-up infrastructure that drastically reduces the complexity of integrating PayPal payment functionalities to your application. Whether you are building an E-commerce store, a subscription service, a charity donation platform, or even a simple shopping cart, PayPal libraries can help you integrate secure and convenient online payments.

Specific to npm package manager, PayPal libraries are available as packages that can easily be installed with your JavaScript projects. With the demands of the modern world most applications support online transactions, these pre-built libraries make it possible for even novices to quickly deploy financial solutions with limited exposure to intricate details.

What Functionalities do PayPal Libraries Usually Have

PayPal libraries offer a wide range of functionalities tailored for various online payment needs. They provide methods and properties that make it easy to integrate complete payment solutions with JavaScript applications. Here are some typical functionalities available in most PayPal libraries:

  1. Payments Processing: At their core, PayPal libraries provide the ability to process online payments, allowing for the secure transfer of funds from a customer's PayPal account to your own.

  2. Subscription Management: For businesses that operate on a subscription model, PayPal libraries can handle recurring payments and manage customer subscriptions.

  3. Transaction History & Reporting: Many PayPal libraries offer functionalities to access and analyze transaction history, making it easier to keep track of your transactions for reporting, auditing, and bookkeeping purposes.

  4. Refunds and Disputes Handling: Some libraries provide functionalities to handle refunds and disputes, a typical necessity in any kind of ecommerce business.

  5. Security and Validation: PayPal libraries also incorporate various security measures and validation methods to ensure the safety of transactions.

Gotchas/Pitfalls to Look out for

While PayPal libraries ease the integration of payments into your applications, there are common pitfalls to watch out for:

  1. Depreciation and Support: Not all PayPal libraries are actively maintained. Depreciated or unsupported libraries may lack recent updates from the PayPal API or contain unresolved bugs.

  2. Testing Difficulty: Testing implementations that deal with real transactions can be tricky. Ensure you understand how to use the sandbox mode provided by PayPal for testing purposes.

  3. Procedure Complexity: The procedures for initiating, executing, and validating transactions can be complex. Mistakes or oversights in these steps could lead to transaction malfunctions.

  4. Security Concerns: Even though PayPal libraries are generally secure, weak implementation can expose your application to threats. Be sure to handle sensitive data correctly and keep API keys secret.

  5. Limited Customization: Some PayPal libraries may not offer extensive customization options. If your business needs heavily customized checkout experiences, you may find these libraries restrictive.