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Npm LDAP Libraries

Most Popular Npm LDAP Libraries

NameSizeLicenseAgeLast Published
activedirectory31.27 kBMIT10 Years1 Feb 2016
passport-ldapauth14.77 kBMIT10 Years16 Nov 2020
ldapauth-fork10.44 kBMIT10 Years23 Jun 2022
activedirectory251.28 kBMIT7 Years14 Jun 2023
express-ntlm9.32 kBBSD-2-Clause9 Years27 Apr 2022
openrecord100.37 kBMIT10 Years8 Mar 2021
ldap-authentication13.1 kBBSD-2-Clause4 Years29 Mar 2023
humanname8.38 kBApache29 Years15 Jul 2014
passport-activedirectory3.77 kBMIT7 Years1 Mar 2023
ad14.62 kBMIT9 Years6 Aug 2017
ldapauth15.47 kBMIT12 Years26 Apr 2019
ldap-server-mock27.39 kBAGPL-3.06 Years10 Nov 2022
ldap-filters14.38 kBMIT8 Years31 Aug 2016
passport-ldap3.09 kBMIT10 Years24 Feb 2013
sinopia-ldap2.04 kBWTFPL9 Years13 Jun 2015

When are LDAP Libraries Useful

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) libraries are incredibly useful when managing and interacting with directory services over a network. These directory services can include Microsoft's Active Directory, OpenLDAP, or other directory systems that use this standardized protocol. LDAP libraries can simplify the connection and communication between a software application and these directory services.

In context of JavaScript and the npm (node package manager), LDAP libraries can be particularly beneficial in Node.js applications that need to interact with directory services. This can include user authentication, user management, accessing stored information, et cetera. Especially in large business or corporate environments, these user-related tasks can become complex, and LDAP services and their related libraries can streamline this complexity.

What Functionalities Do LDAP Libraries Usually Have

LDAP libraries typically provide a number of functionalities that encompass wide-ranging operations with the LDAP servers.

  • LDAP operations: LDAP libraries provide methods to perform basic LDAP operations like add, delete, modify and search entries in the LDAP directory.

  • Authentication: Many LDAP libraries provide an easy way to authenticate users. This allows applications to utilize LDAP for user sign in processes including single sign-on (SSO) systems.

  • Querying: LDAP libraries often have a method or function to query the directory and return select information, such as user details or group memberships.

  • Secure Connection: Often, LDAP libraries will handle the details of establishing a secure, encrypted connection to the LDAP server, such as LDAPS (Secure LDAP) or STARTTLS.

Gotchas / Pitfalls to Look Out For

Implementing LDAP libraries into your JavaScript application through npm can come with a few potential pitfalls to be aware of.

  • Deprecation: Not every LDAP library available on npm is actively maintained. Ensure that you choose a library that is up-to-date with latest changes in the LDAP protocol and compatible with your version of Node.js.

  • Complexity in Queries: LDAP filters and queries can be quite complex and difficult to construct correctly. A poorly constructed query can lead to ineffective searches or potentially impact performance of the LDAP server.

  • SSL/TLS Configuration: Establishing a secure connection to an LDAP server can be a challenging task. If not done correctly, it can lead to security vulnerabilities.

  • Error Handling: Not all libraries provide clear error messages for LDAP issues. This can make debugging problematic.

Remember, although LDAP libraries are designed to make your work easier, caution and care are required to avoid these pitfalls and ensure the highest level of functionality and security.