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sebastian/global-state 7.0.0

Snapshotting of global state
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23 Aug 2014
Version published
2 Feb 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sebastian/global-state do?

Sebastian/global-state is a renowned composer package dedicated to the snapshotting of the global state, it has been factored out from the globally recognized PHPUnit framework into a standalone component. As your PHP project grows in complexity, managing global state becomes crucial and that's where sebastian/global-state steps in, offering an efficient way to handle global state in your PHP code.

How do you use sebastian/global-state?

Using Sebastian/global-state in your PHP projects is straightforward thanks to the PHP Package Manager, Composer. First, you will need to add this library as a dependency to your project. If the library is needed in all environments, run the following command in your project directory:

composer require sebastian/global-state

But, if you only need this library during the development phase, for instance, to run your project's test suite, then it should be added as a dev dependency. You can do this by running:

composer require --dev sebastian/global-state

Ensure that your project meets the required preconditions, mainly the environment selected must have Composer installed along with an internet connection to fetch the package from the repository. Once the package is installed, you can make use of its functionalities as per the requirements of your project.

Where are the sebastian/global-state docs?

Sebastian/global-state's documentation part is yet not explicitly mentioned in their GitHub repository or any other official sources. The code, comments, and inline documentation in the source code, which is available on their GitHub repository, will serve as the primary documentation for this package until the detailed one is published. The community around Sebastian/global-state also forms a potentially useful resource for practical usage examples, tips, and tricks. This repository can be accessed at https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/global-state.