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sebastian/exporter 6.0.0

Provides the functionality to export PHP variables for visualization
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16 Feb 2013
Version published
2 Feb 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sebastian/exporter do?

The 'sebastian/exporter' PHP package is an efficient tool that allows for visualization of PHP variables. Through the use of this package, developers can easily export variables, providing an overview of an application's state at a specific point in time. This package is especially practical for debugging purposes to ensure the expected data is present.

How do you use sebastian/exporter?

The usage of 'sebastian/exporter' is straightforward. Firstly, install it in your PHP project by running the command composer require sebastian/exporter for regular use, or composer require --dev sebastian/exporter to use it only in a development environment.

Here is a simple example of how to use the 'sebastian/exporter' package:

use SebastianBergmann\Exporter\Exporter;

$exporter = new Exporter;
print $exporter->export(new Exception);

In this code snippet, a new instance of Exporter class is created, and then export method is used to export an Exception object. The output will provide a visualization of the Exception object.

You can also export simple data types including integers, floats, strings, Booleans, and complex types such as arrays or objects. Another useful feature is the shortenedExport method which provides a compact view of the variables.

Where are the sebastian/exporter docs?

Regarding documentation, there seem to be no dedicated docs page for 'sebastian/exporter' beyond the readme file on the GitHub repository. So, the GitHub repo is the best place to find detailed usage instructions, seek information and get updates about the package. You can visit this repository at https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/exporter. The readme file contains various usage examples, and this would be the first point of reference for understanding how to use 'sebastian/exporter'.