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phpunit/php-invoker 5.0.0

Invoke callables with a timeout
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18 Sep 2012
Version published
2 Feb 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does phpunit/php-invoker do?

The phpunit/php-invoker is a powerful package available for PHP; it's purpose is to invoke callables within a stipulated timeout. This package is an innovative solution for those who want to set time constraints for the execution of certain callables in PHP, providing a vital way to manage code efficiency, reduce execution time, and optimize performance.

How do you use phpunit/php-invoker?

To utilize the phpunit/php-invoker package, you need to have Composer installed in your environment as this is required to add the package as a dependency to your project. For normal dependency requirement, you can use the command composer require phpunit/php-invoker. For development-time requirement, you can add it as a --dev dependency with the composer require --dev phpunit/php-invoker command. Once installed, you can utilize this library to invoke callable functions with a set timeout as per your project needs. I'm sorry but without the actual code snippets from the readme or additional package documentation, providing code usage examples is not possible.

Where are the phpunit/php-invoker docs?

The documentation for the phpunit/php-invoker package isn't directly linked in the readme. It's likely the documentation could be located on the PHPUnit website or within the GitHub repository itself. Always be sure to refer to these official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date package information. Stay current and make the most of the phpunit/php-invoker for your project needs. Be sure to always keep an eye out for updates and improvements to the package; new versions could offer additional features or better performance for your PHP projects.