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league/flysystem 3.23.1

File storage abstraction for PHP
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15 Jan 2014
Version published
26 Jan 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does league/flysystem do?

League\Flysystem is a file storage library for PHP. It offers an interface to interact with various file systems, providing protection against vendor lock-in and ensuring a consistent user experience. The library allows interaction with numerous storage types, according to what suits your needs best. Included among these are various options such as Local, FTP, SFTP, Memory, AWS S3, AsyncAws S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, WebDAV, and ZipArchive; the platform also supports third-party adapters.

How do you use league/flysystem?

To utilize the League\Flysystem package, you would first need to install it via composer. Once done, you can integrate it within your PHP project using the required syntax. When it comes to the actual code usage examples, these would primarily be available in the detailed documentation provided by League\Flysystem. Moreover, the package includes a number of officially supported adapters (e.g., Local, FTP, SFTP), each of which can be used following its specific guidelines.

Where are the league/flysystem docs?

The documentation for League\Flysystem is hosted on their official website. It includes a comprehensive guide on how to interact with the Flysystem instance through the Flysystem API. Moreover, detailed architecture notes can be found at Architecture and for those upgrading from older versions, guidance is provided at Upgrade from 1x. You can find guidance on how to create and implement your own adapters at Create an Adapter. The documentation covers usage from getting started to advanced topics like creating your own adapter.